Sun 'n Fun

Client: Sun ‘n Fun
Industry: Advocacy/Community/Non-profits


For over 35 years, the Sun ‘n Fun Fly In has been one of the most significant events on the international aviation calendar. Today it is known as the largest general aviation event in the south and the second largest in the world. Sun ‘n Fun wanted to increase awareness and participation within the community and also needed aid in organizing and creating successful events.


R. Patrick Hill, Senior Strategist/Chairman of our firm, has served on the Sun ‘n Fun Executive Committee for more than 15 years and on the Board of Directors for 20 years. Hill is currently Chairman of the Board of the Florida Air Museum and overseas the organization’s twelve-month educational programs and permanent exhibitions.

Over a long association, HCP has provided significant pro bono support through extensive public relations support, sponsor development efforts, graphic support, and research to the Fly-In. The team has participated in the creation of video products, literature, and various logos for the event. HCP has also conducted research studies on the event attendees and on the economic impact of the event to the region.

Through these various activities as well as extensive community outreach, Hill has offered his leadership in the development of the event’s status.  The event’s growing international reputation among the government, aviation industry, and community businesses has aided in the evolution of a development effort, yielding millions of investments from supporting groups and individuals.

Today the organization operates a year-round facility, museums, educational centers, and industry outreach programs—all supplementing the reputation earned by the Fly-In. Facilities and programs now include an aviation oriented high school on the premises, hands-on training facilities, and a robust summer and afternoon program for children of all ages.

The evolution of the event to international status and the continued growth as one of Florida’s major tourist attractions is a testimony to the combined efforts of those in leadership and to the support provided by our firm. While the firm does not take credit for the ultimate success of the project and is only a contributor, it is clear that our marketing expertise and resources have significantly contributed to the ongoing effort to put Lakeland on an international map.  Simply stated, “spring break for pilots” starts in Lakeland, Florida.