Roush Law Group

Client: Roush Law Group
Industry: Legal/Public Affairs


Roush Law Group required a new brand platform, industry positioning, and various new marketing tactics to penetrate the employment law market in Florida.


After initial market and competitor research in the employment law field, HCP analyzed and then rationalized a new brand platform and position for Roush Law Group. This included a new logo design, theme, and vertical market communications model.

A new website was designed and implemented featuring extensive video segments explaining unpaid wages, discrimination, wrongful termination, whistleblower, harassment, FMLA, and various other employment law issues.  This FAQ video gallery goes a step further by having multiple videos from Attorney Alfred Roush answering the questions at hand. This feature has proved successful in helping individuals understand what actions they can take, if any, and receive more detailed information about their employment issue.

The Roush team keeps up-to-date with the website by adding new blogs weekly and keeping the FAQ video gallery updated with new content as state and federal employment policies change. The videos are also directly linked to the Roush Law Group YouTube Channel, which allows for comments, feedback, and increased traffic.