Robert Allen Jr

Vice President

Allen, a Tampa native, has always called Florida home. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Florida with Summa Cum Laude distinction. While attending UF, he evaluated over 30 years of congressional election and census data in order to investigate the variations in election spending among house races. Prior to joining HCP Associates, Allen spent six years building research enterprise level data warehouses and deploying advanced analytical marketing tools for fortune 500 companies. From these efforts, he gained comprehensive experience in research design, analysis and strategic KPI reporting.

As a Vice President at HCP, Allen will lead and manage the corporate operations of HCP to include all market research services and operational infrastructure of the company.  Allen will manage HCP’s growing research department’s daily operations and future planning by utilizing new technologies and optimization methods. One of his core focuses is to keep HCP’s rapidly expanding research capabilities on the cutting edge of an everchanging digital landscape. His core projects range from corporate market research, KPIs and competitive benchmarking along with broad-based market awareness, perceptions and satisfaction studies within the government sector.

In addition, Allen will also oversee day-to-day operations of staff support of HCP’s growing service platform with an emphasis on quality and efficiency that help enhance and grow corporate client-based business. Working with HCP’s Managing Partners, Allen will focus on goal-setting and direct the operations of the company in support of its quarterly objectives.

In his spare time, Allen can be found at the gym training jujitsu. He enjoys brewing mead and cider. In college he developed a passion for the German language and culture; continuing to pursue this interest, he hopes to one day receive his C2 CEFR certification for total fluency.