Client: RFS
Industry: Business Services


Regions Facility Services sought to expand from a Central Florida-based construction company specializing in regional restaurant renovations to a national player for larger brands.


After working through an organizational process with strategic planning consultants, HCP extrapolated the findings and participated with the senior leadership team to make branding and positioning recommendations aligned with the company’s desired national footprint.

HCP made the branding recommendation to move away from Regions Facility Services to RFS. In addition, HCP completed a positioning platform to modernize the company’s RFS vision, mission, and core values, focusing on unique customer needs. This combination led them to a trademarked position of “Remodeling the Renovation Experience.” That positioning was critical to what separated the company from other national contractors. 

With a new color theme, brand, and positioning statement in place, HCP presented a marketing plan that included a new market rollout to solidify relations with existing customers and build awareness in new industries. The company continues to thrive on growth globally and actively participates in numerous industry tradeshows within the restaurant and senior living industries. 

With numerous competitors in the construction and renovation industry, HCP decided to also brand a domain name that would capture the action of what RFS does daily.  HCP launched www.rfsrenovates.com to encapsulate the energy and action and value-added proposition of exactly what RFS is in business to do. 

HCP developed a 90-day rollout calendar that started with the senior leadership team conducting a companywide event for the brand announcement. During that time, HCP launched the new website, office signage, fleet vehicle wraps, stationary, uniforms, business cards, trade show booths, and a national advertising campaign.  In addition, a full media plan was developed, negotiated, and implemented for print/digital mediums. All social media sites were branded and updated, with HCP taking the lead on content development. Lastly, the final press release was drafted and disseminated nationwide through PR Newswire. 

RFS is a pioneer in the restaurant renovation business offering high-quality facility management experience and many services through an experienced network of veteran service partners. Their empathetic team members are interchangeable on all levels, share an unparalleled work ethic, and are known in the industry for being on time and on budget with minimal operational disruptions. Our mission is to “Remodel the Renovation Experience” one restaurant at a time. 


RFS website on various devices to show responsive design


small print ads for RFS
full page ads for RFS

Tri-fold Brochure

trifold brochure design for RFS

Pocket Folder

pocket folder design for RFS


Postcard mailer for RFS
RFS logo on a business card, stress ball, caribiner, mint, and usb

Tradeshow Booth

RFS trade show booth graphic