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Client: Quality Counts
Industry: Transportation Data Collection Services


Quality Counts has 20 locations in 11 States and provides comprehensive transportation data collection services using the latest technology for surveying and product delivery. For their company to continue with upward growth, Quality Counts engaged HCP Associates to provide an in-depth assessment of the company, the industry, and its competitors.


HCP Associates did an initial assessment of the company structure, products, services, industry competitors, existing vertical markets, and new focus areas to provide a marketing strategy. In addition, the decision was made to add a positioning statement to the brand with a new color theme for the existing logo.

HCP Associates conducted a series of interviews among key stakeholders within the company, existing clients in various markets across the country, and sourced new markets for consideration. After the initial assessment and discovery phase, HCP Associates shared the findings and provided a series of recommendations to refine and refresh the brand: reposition the brand to reflect the core message the company leaders wanted to convey, develop a series of marketing tactics to increase the exposure of the brand’s new position and create a budget and strategy to execute the tactics.

After a series of brand options were presented, edited, and finalized, HCP Associates focused on the brand position. Quality Counts was presented a series of options that conveyed various value propositions with detailed rationales based on facts from the initial assessment and industry/competitor research. What stood out in the initial work was that Quality Counts works hard to positively contribute to local communities and the transportation industry. Recognizing the company’s core values and mission, HCP Associates constructed the positioning statement “Data that Drives Communities.” The positioning highlights the value in the work Quality Counts conducts with a strong undertone of their product and what it does for communities across the country. Data collection and analysis help improve public safety. Ultimately, their efforts allow communities to move in a positive direction by making road networks safer and more efficient. By providing accurate information, their work allows engineers and other entities to develop strategic and systematic plans that enable communities to become more livable, economically viable, and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to a positioning statement, HCP Associates recommended changing one of the main brand colors, red, to green, representing progress and growth within the transportation industry. HCP Associates recommendations and execution showcased what Quality Counts does, who they help, and why it matters, all within one cohesive framework. In addition, HCP Associates created a new technology brand called MyQC™ to identify one of its greatest assets: an online website portal for clients to log in and safely access all kinds of great information about the work Quality Counts does on their behalf.

Both brands launched at the Transportation Research Board’s annual meeting in January 2019. Leading up to this public industry launch, HCP Associates led the implementation of the brand with the leadership and direction of a new corporate website, strategic site re-organization, selection of refined imagery, Web copywriting, and the creation of new case studies and press releases that continue to relate to the new brand positioning. HCP Associates also led the design of all the branded stationery, business cards, trade show displays, trade show giveaways, and print collateral. In addition, as part of the launch, HCP Associates announced the changes with a press release distributed at the annual meeting through HCP Associates’ partnership with PR Newswire and Quality Counts’ Website and social media platforms. Communications of the new brand initiative were also distributed to Quality Counts customers, vendors, and partners through large email distribution. All social media sites were also branded and updated, with HCP Associates taking the lead on content development and brand posturing.