Palm Island Resort

Client: Palm Island Resort
Industry: Destination Marketing/Hospitality


Facing a depressed economy in a state that was struggling to increase tourism post-recession, Palm Island Resort needed a targeted creative plan to raise the awareness of the resort and increase annual room revenue.


HCP worked with management to repackage the resort, turning attention to the “staycation guest” based upon analysis of historical bookings data.

Palm Island has been a key destination for Florida tourism for more than 30 years. The Resort has continued to maintain its old-Florida style while catering to a more modern traveler. They continue to uphold an emphasis on quality time for those visiting, equipping each villa with large, open kitchens and gathering spaces.

In 2009, HCP began a focused effort to accelerate growth, starting with an extensive analysis of historical booking reports. Studies unveiled a definitive base of returning guests from the markets within reasonable day trip distances to the north (primarily Tampa and Sarasota). While guests were known to be from all over the country, the repeat and word-of-mouth characteristics of these closer markets showed the most potential. The concept of staycation guests emerged as a driving factor in the team’s repackaging of the property.

HCP’s design team developed brochures, web copy, and advertisements, making all published materials photo-heavy, while highlighting the two extremes of the experience Palm Island could offer—Palm Island Go and Palm Island Slow. Go featured a variety of outdoor activities, from watersports, snorkeling, scuba, boating, and fishing to on-land activities like hiking, golf, and tennis. For the guests who preferred a Slow retreat, verbiage and imagery focused on pools, beaches, picnics, and more leisurely activities.

Copy highlighted the features that make Palm Island feel like a nearby escape, from the ferry ride between the mainland and Palm Island and the abandonment of your car at the entrance in exchange for a golf cart, to the setup of the villas, which are all furnished in old-Florida style and fully stocked from the kitchen to the bathrooms to the bedrooms.

The local following dictated the marketing plan. Palm Island aspired to intensify the awareness in the nearby markets as well as neighboring areas that fit a similar profile. Through comprehensive publication and promotional research, HCP helped narrow down the opportunities that would put Palm Island in front of those with the expendable income to stay at the resort. Fellow advertisers within the selected publications reflected a similar level of prestige to those desired by Palm Island, for the property not only hosts the resort but also houses residences for sale.

Each year, the resort builds upon its base of loyal guests and eagerly introduces new guests to this Florida gem. Throughout the past six years, Palm Island has enjoyed increased annual bookings as a result.