My Back Office

Client: My Back Office
Industry: Administrative/Human Resources/Payroll


The startup firm, like many ASOs, was built around serving 1-5 employee companies and found itself seeking a way to grow and broaden its business.


HCP researched the clients they serve and explored the markets those clients were in and helped to develop a marketing plan that included business development with marketing.  First, it was important that the brand itself be modified and refined to complement and appeal to the industry and positioned themselves with a clear and concise service statement.

Once the brand platform was completed we were able to develop print, web, and tradeshow-related collateral materials into a clear and consistent message.  The message was, “We help you stay independent by serving your basic back office needs, allowing you to focus on clients and prospective clients.”  Once all the primary sales and marketing materials where in place, we supported the sales force by helping them clearly define the services they offer and included a lead generation program.  The result was consistent year over year growth of clients and the operations today is now three times as large as it once was after only 3 years.