Client: MinSURG™ Corporation
Industry: Healthcare/Medical


MinSURG™ Corporation needed to raise awareness of a new procedure as an alternative to facet fusion.


HCP was engaged to develop a corporate identity for the new brand and establish an ongoing plan integrating advertising, public relations, and tradeshow management.

MinSURG™ Corporation, now MinSURG International, was founded in 2003 to develop three new minimally invasive surgical techniques. The first to market the MinSURG techniques, TruFUSE®, entered the spine market in March of 2006 as a minimally invasive surgical solution to minor spine instability.

The TruFUSE procedure used specially designed human bone dowels to stop facet joints from moving, which was intended to eliminate or dramatically reduce back pain caused by various reasons. The TruFUSE procedure was intended to fuse the facet joints through a natural healing process for a long-term solution. Because TruFUSE causes minimal tissue damage, it does not preclude other options, including non-surgical alternatives, and TruFUSE can be used earlier than other, more invasive spine fusion methods. Thousands of patients have been treated to date.

HCP was retained as MinSURG’s external marketing department, playing an integral role by working directly with senior business and medical management to strategically and tactically position the company and TruFUSE®. HCP coordinated branding, corporate identity, logos, packaging, distribution, and promotional materials.

HCP also played an integral role in developing surgeon training materials and designed and produced videos and animations, corporate websites with database-driven ordering functions for distributor and surgeon support, product channels and distribution, patient after-care packages, physician/patient orientation, and retention marketing.

One of the prime times to illustrate the procedure was at industry tradeshows. HCP designed elaborate booths for the client, always ensuring dedicated space within the booth for simulated demonstrations. Onsite, representatives from TruFUSE would conduct simulated surgeries using the time to showcase the procedure’s minimal invasiveness, the speed of completion, and the comparative results to more invasive procedures.