HCP Associates’ History

The H

HCP was originally founded in 1986 as Hill & Associates (H&A) by R. Patrick Hill, a former Procter & Gamble (P&G) International Marketing Executive who returned to his hometown of Tampa, Florida after managing numerous well-known consumer brands with the Cincinnati-based industry giant.

H&A quickly developed a very reputable portfolio of clients ranging from Raymond James Financial, Media General and Sheraton Resorts. As an accomplished speaker and well-traveled aviation enthusiast, Hill would later advance the firm by adding clients from other vertical markets like aerospace, aviation, banking, tourism bureaus, theme parks, attractions and various other consumer-based products. Hill also took on numerous land development consulting positions that required community outreach-based research to justify future public and private sector financing for large city and county infrastructure developments.

Integrations of Brands

As much as research and traditional marketing consulting was highly successful for the firm, Hill became increasingly interested in the .com boom as clients continued to seek his advice on branding new technologies and integration. In early 2000, Hill developed a relationship with Tampa-based newcomer Coniglio Polins Interactive (CPI). CPI was an interactive advertising agency created by Sean Coniglio and Eric Polins during the Internet boom.

Coniglio and Polins met in the late 90s at Inteledigm Communications, an Internet Incubator that branded and launched The Agency Applet™; a high-tech internet boutique that delivered high-end database-driven websites, interactive applications and Flash-based animations for national advertising agencies.

The C

Coniglio, a Tampa native, graduated from the University of Tampa with a B.S. in Marketing and Management followed by a brief career in global professional promotions, sports marketing and financial services. He gained regional notoriety in the real estate publishing and communications industry with a start-up as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the age of 27 and moved on to the .com industry as the Director of Sales with Inteledigm Communications after it sold.

The P

Polins, a trained artist and former U.S. Marine, received a B.A. in Journalism from The Pennsylvania State University and moved to Tampa in 1995 to pursue a career in advertising and Public Relations with Amherst Marketing and later The Lipphardt Agency. He would later accept a position as the Director of Marketing at Inteledigm Communications and was solely responsible for creating The Agency Applet brand.

HCP Takes Shape

After meeting Hill through a colleague, the three started working on various brand integration projects together and recognized a unique opportunity to bring together traditional market research and marketing consulting with new web-based technology and creative support services. In early 2003, HCP Associates was formed.

HCP Associates has maintained a highly reputable profile in the consulting, research and marketing industries and has groomed numerous professionals that have gone onto to successful careers along with helping senior corporate leaders transition from full-time to part-time consulting roles.

HCP has a rich history of community involvement through government and public private market research and planning contracts as well as helping to make a difference with several nonprofit organizations. The firm has worked with large fortune 500 companies and small mid-market privately held companies both nationally and internationally. For over 34 years, HCP has been dedicated to developing sound strategies for hundreds of clients through quantitative and qualitative research and planning. The firm’s strategic planning and business consulting services provide accurate and efficient road maps for CEOs, Presidents and Directors of both public and private sector businesses in B2B and B2C segments. HCP nurtures and develop clients’ businesses as if they are their own and often become part of the client’s corporate fabric, and essentially ending up as part of the family.

The people at HCP love what they do and why they do it; and that, to us, is the secret to a meaningful balance between work and life.

We look forward to the opportunity of meeting you and fully understanding your business goals. Thank you for considering HCP Associates as your lifelong business partner!