HCP Associates Finalizes 2021 Hillsborough County Citizen Survey

TAMPA, Fla. (December 1, 2021)— HCP Associates recently concluded the second iteration of the Hillsborough County Citizen Survey, a community study for local government.

HCP established the baseline study in 2019 to produce representative, statistically robust metrics about how county residents feel on a broad swathe of issues.

“This year’s iteration was crucial for understanding the impacts of COVID-19 on Hillsborough County,” said Robert Allen, Vice President at HCP Associates and the study’s lead. “As with 2019, Hillsborough County residents still place high importance on social support services. However, in 2021, homelessness came into focus in the community.”

Among other questions, residents were asked whether they would recommend Hillsborough County to their peers for various activities. Among other findings, 85% of local residents would recommend Hillsborough County as a place to live, and 77% would recommend the county as a vacation destination.

To read more about the study and see the results, visit the Hillsborough County website.