HCP Research Team Completes Ninth Annual Pinellas County Citizens Survey

CLEARWATER, Fla. (April 23, 2019) – HCP Associates recently concluded Pinellas County’s annual citizen survey. This year marked the eighth consecutive year that HCP conducted this survey. The survey provides to the county important metrics of citizens’ expectations and satisfactions; this year’s results demonstrate a confident and enthusiastic outlook towards the future of the community.

Starting in 2011, Pinellas County selected HCP to conduct citizen-centric research. The goal of the research was to gain a representative sampling of citizen feedback to support the county in delivering evidence-based reinforcement. The survey was conducted both online and telephonically. Elements that emerged from the study provide the county with a measure of effectiveness regarding a series of topics.

Results showcased that residents view the area as a positive place to live, work, raise children and retire. Ultimately, approximately 93% of residents expressed confidence in Pinellas County, which is substantially higher than the nationwide average. According to Gallup, the nationwide average is 73%.

Various findings emerged from the survey’s analysis. Within the residential population, there is great stability. Online respondents were largely long-tenured residents of Pinellas County, with a majority living in the county for a decade or more. Few residents plan to move away from the area within the next year.

Overall, citizens largely place their trust and confidence in their elected officials. These positive responses in this category exceed national comparisons.

“Pinellas County continues to earn the trust of its citizens in large part because county officials listen to their needs. By and large, the challenges faced by the county in the coming years derive from the great interest that people have in living, working and vacationing in the county. Results from future studies will illustrate how well those challenges are managed,” said HCP’s Vice President Robert Allen.

The study continues to point to areas of requested improvements by segments of the county population including traffic flow on major roads, housing affordability and safe pedestrian travel.

Over the years, the scope and depth of questions within the survey has broadened, aiding in the amount of information that can be disseminated to the county in reference to citizen perspectives.

This study is repeated annually in order to consistently aid in the understanding of County residents’ needs and demands. Pinellas County remains dedicated to building trust, transparency and confidence through the evidence of the survey’s results. HCP will continue to play an essential role in Pinellas County’s endeavor to gauge citizen sentiment.

To view the full research report, visit http://www.pinellascounty.org/budget/pdf/2019_Citizen_Values_Survey_Report.pdf.