HCP Completes Viability Research Study for Hillsborough County Veterans Memorial Park

TAMPA, Fla. (February 15, 2020) – HCcompleted the final phase of a project viability study located at Hillsborough County’s Veterans Memorial Park. Called the Military Learning Center of Tampa Bay (MCLTB), the project envisions a large community center located at the existing Veterans Memorial Park (VMP). The VMP currently serves as the home of an impressive collection of memorials honoring heroes from all of America’s wars. 

One of the important highlights of this project was the importance of STEM education. The US Armed forces have always been a force for innovation, but many people in the public today are not aware of just how much science and engineering are crucial to the military’s functioning,” said HCP’s Managing Partner Eric Polins, who is also a veteran. Combining the existing museum and park with a bigger space opens up possibilities for special events and educational showcases for the community. With talk of the United States Space Force trending right now, the timing couldn’t be better.” 

HCP conducted interviews with several key stakeholder groups, including local public and private sector leaders in government, economic development, defense industry executives, and veteran support organizers. Important themes discussed in the report included the potential community role the Learning Center should play and the organizations with which it should seeks to partner.