HCP Associates selected to conduct Consumer and Commercial Recycling Awareness Research

PETERSBURG, Fla. (September 6, 2018)— Pinellas County approved a four-year agreement between the Pinellas County Department of Solid Waste and HCP Associates, Inc. for the provision of research services.

This study has been ongoing since the late 1980’s. The results are used to prepare data such as recycling participation rates for Pinellas County’s annual Solid Waste Management Report. After this information is collected, the data is submitted to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The Solid Waste Department also uses this study to measure the effectiveness of their recycling programs and their recycling education efforts.

This project is two different public opinion surveys occurring on an annual-rotating basis; alternating between a residential recycling awareness study and a commercial recycling awareness study.

“Our office is looking forward to working with HCP with regards to our annual recycling awareness surveys,” said Jan Tracy, Program Coordinator for Recycling Outreach and Programs.

Originally a telephonic survey, the method shifted online over the years to ease respondent participation. HCP utilized an online methodology for the 2018 residential recycling survey. The survey can be accessed at www.hcpassociates.com/recycling. Responses will close in October.

For more information on Pinellas County’s Solid Waste Department, visit http://www.pinellascounty.org/solidwaste/