HCP Associate Returns from Leadership Florida’s First International Alumni Excursion to London

TAMPA, Fla. (Dec. 12, 2018)—Last week, HCP Associate’s Managing Partner Eric Polins, a Leadership Florida Cornerstone XXVIII Graduate, traveled to London for the organization’s first ever international graduate excursion.

“From our time with the CEO from Lloyd’s of London to a beautiful mixer atop the infamous Shard building in London’s financial district, we had a very busy and productive week in London. Leaders from Visit Florida, Enterprise Florida, and Florida Chamber were also in attendance. This organization is known amongst its graduates for their ‘but for’ experiences. President and CEO Wendy Spencer and her team did not let anyone down on the largest alumni attended trip ever,” Polins said.

According to LF, about 130 people stayed five nights at the St. Ermin’s Hotel, located in the Westminster area near Buckingham Palace and St. James Park. Additional excursions during the trip included tours and events at the Churchill War Rooms, The British Museum, Hampton Court Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, The Beetles Abbey Road Tour and the U.S. Embassy.

“One of the things I truly love about Leadership Florida is their ability to provide a well-balanced ‘human’ experience of not only business but numerous aspects of life. One of my favorite experiences on this trip was enjoying a group meal at The Brigade, a bistro and bar that honors its history of social responsibility by providing a home for the not-for-profit organization, Beyond Food. Conceptualized by Simon Boyle, this charity helps adults experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness, back into long-term and meaningful employment. Apprentice chefs trained by the charity prepare the food at Brigade, making it a social enterprise as well as a classic British restaurant,” Polins said.

According to LF management, the trip was so successful and well received that organization is considering a similar international excursion about every 18 months.

Polins added, “Besides catching up on some sleep from the time change, its been wonderful exchanging information with new friends over the pond and getting to know some LF associates we didn’t know before the trip. We are definitely interested in joining LF for their next overseas excursion.”

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