HCP Associates Keeps a Pulse on the Tampa Bay Community Through Market Research

TAMPA, Fla. (November 2, 2021) – HCP Associates recently completed a series of studies covering communities across the Tampa Bay region. The studies provided insight on several important regional quality of life topics, including affordable housing, transportation, roadway congestion, and workforce development.  

“Oftentimes, public officials rely on constituents who are actively engaged in public policy and who may at times be agenda-setting. To avoid such issues, we employ multiple techniques to gather unbiased feedback, including randomized telephonic surveys. This provides decision-makers with unbiased feedback on topics of importance in the community. This yields both valid benchmarking and new insights for local leaders,” said Robert Allen, Vice President at HCP Associates and the studies’ lead. 

“Despite the reduction of on-site work resulting from COVID and the greater remote work trend, we saw continued concerns with traffic and transportation. Housing affordability was another hot-button topic, likely related to the strong growth in housing prices in the preceding two years. With the rapid expansion of housing developments east and south of Tampa Bay, housing prices may calm down. Still, there may be further pressure on infrastructure and roadways,” said Allen.  

“We view the results as a validation of the work that our city and county leaders do every day to make Tampa Bay an attractive place for new residents in our growing community. We look at the national overall satisfaction levels and see that we continue to do very well,” said Sean Coniglio, Managing Partner at HCP Associates. “Conducting community sentiment studies with representative sampling is one way that local governments anywhere can stay ahead of the curve of the public’s expectation.”