HCP Associates helps PBX-Change rebrand into KUDUCOM

TAMPA, Fla. (Jan. 3, 2023) – HCP Associates recently completed the rebrand of regional communications provider PBX-Change to KUDUCOM. This rebrand included a new name, brand, mission, and vision, as of January 2023.

Over the course of 6 months, HCP provided brand strategy and position planning workshops with senior leadership. . HCP also conducted competitor research and a technology gap analysis prior to initiating an HCP proprietary branding and positioning platform.

HCP worked with senior management to develop a new brand and position to more accurately represent why the company is different, what they are in business to do, and what companies would benefit most from its services. This process included testing many naming and brand positioning concepts among stakeholders. Through this process, HCP Associates worked with stakeholders to make sure that the new brand reflected the values and mission of the organization. The new brand of the company, a large antelope native to South Africa called a Kudu, encompasses the company’s firm values, mission, and goals.

The word Kudu is derived from the indigenous South African language Khoikhoi. It reaches speeds up to 60mph and is highly alert to its surroundings. Much like the Kudu species, KUDUCOM highly values speed, cleverness, agility, and the ability to listen carefully in any environment.

In addition to new branding, HCP executed a community engagement plan that would help KUDUCOM increase brand awareness. This includes developing measurable objectives, determining KPIs, establishing talking points at public events, and creating key talking points for social media posts across all channels prior to the launch of the new brand. This was accompanied by a new sales-focused website which required a variety of new technical implementations, image sourcing, and writing content for KUDUCOM. In addition, HCP helped facilitate a newly polished style guide to establish a clear tone of voice, brand identity, and communication approach to KUDUCOMS’ current and prospective clients.