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HCP Associates Develops COVID-19 Community Testing Study for Hillsborough County

TAMPA, Fla. (April 28, 2020) – HCP Associates was recently engaged by Hillsborough County leadership to help understand the community’s awareness and sentiment around COVID-19 testing. The county has launched a COVID-19 community outreach study to understand what barriers exist for residents to obtain testing for COVID-19: Do transportation issues limit people’s willingness to get testing? Do they understand the process of getting tested? Are citizens concerned about wearing masks?

These are some of the questions that HCP’s research and marketing team collaborated with Hillsborough County’s communication team to answer. This rapid collaboration produced an omni-channel distribution plan and flexible survey options to maximize citizen input on this important subject.

“The county is making sure as many residents as possible are aware of and have access to the survey,” said Sean Coniglio, a Managing Partner with HCP. The more people that participate in the study, the better information we will have.”

Over the following weeks, HCP will be reporting to the Hillsborough County Emergency Policy Group the information collected in near-real-time. The insights gained from this endeavor will help the county to drive communications and outreach initiatives as the region moves forward.