Grace Speaks to University of Tampa Ad/PR Students

TAMPA, Fla. (Dec 4, 2023)-Grace Sailer, Marketing Communications Coordinator at HCP, found herself back in familiar territory when she was invited by her former professor at The University of Tampa to share her post-graduate experiences with a class of graduating students. Grace, having recently navigated the transition from student to professional, offered invaluable insights into the industry and shed light on the challenges and opportunities that await them in the real world. Drawing on her own journey, she emphasized the importance of networking and building a personal brand, as well as tips on how to position yourself as a resource for employers to elevate their services. As she shared knowledge accumulated from her professional experience, the students found that advice from someone in their peer group was not only relatable but also reassuring. Grace reflected on the opportunity to talk to the students, saying, “It was extremely rewarding to be able to offer some wisdom and comfort for these students, many of whom were my classmates just a few months before. I’m grateful for HCP for introducing me to so many experiences in such a short time that I can be a resource for my peers. They are all such talented individuals and I know they will go far. Go Spartans!”  In a world where the unknown can be daunting, hearing from someone like Grace, who had recently walked the same halls and faced similar uncertainties, provided a sense of comfort and encouragement to the eager minds preparing to step into the workforce.