Givens Givens Sparks

Client: Givens Givens Sparks
Industry: Legal/Public Affairs


After 30 years of practicing solely divorce and family law, Founder Stann Givens was ready to name two new partners to the firm and re-brand the firm to Givens Givens Sparks (GGS). In addition, GGS wanted to pursue BP Claim settlements within the state of Florida and required an extensive multimedia media and public relations strategy.


HCP completed an initial market snapshot and applied a proprietary research strategy platform to maximize market penetration in order to utilize a media buying budget to its fullest potential for prospective claims.

In tandem, HCP was producing a unique branding platform and position for the new firm with a new logo and full spectrum of design themes across the board. The entire firm was fitted with everything needed to fill the new communication model of GGS.

After a 90 brand launch, HCP announced the new firm in late 2012. Next the research for marketing various niche prospects in three oil spill zones was used to target small business owners and individuals affected by the BP Oil Spill in 2010. A full campaign was spread across these zones in unique increments through radio, TV, print, Internet, and various other forms of marketing collateral.