Former US Embassy Hostage Director engages HCP & Associates to launch international speaking Circuit.

Tampa, FL – (September 25, 2006) – Former Navy S.E.A.L. Officer, Dan O’Shea announced today he would head up Tampa-based Daniel Risk Mitigation, Inc. by offering security seminars/briefings to journalists and other non-government employees placed in dangerous working environments.

An Annapolis graduate and decorated Navy veteran, O’shea recently completed his two years of service in Iraq as the Coordinator for the US Embassy Hostage Working Group (HWG) since the organization’s inception in July of 2004.

Dan O’Shea has been interviewed and profiled by Newsweek, The NY Times, Esquire Magazine, CNN, The Washington Post and CBS’s 60 Minutes. He is currently working on a documentary pilot and book about high profile kidnapping incidents.

Iraq’s foreign kidnapping crisis escalated in April 2004 with almost 100 people taken in that month alone. O’Shea was directly involved in every major international kidnapping incident. He managed the inter-agency coordination of more than 300 kidnapping incidents that included the release of an American journalist held captive for nine days and an Irish journalist held hostage for 36 hours. He arrived at the height of the kidnapping situation; an average of 40 people were taken each month. By the end of his service, foreign kidnappings in Iraq were in single digits, with only one reported person taken in each of the last two months of his expedition.

O’Shea, said, “In the post 9/11 world and the current state of the global market economy, the world is an even more dangerous workplace. Western-based companies and high net-worth individuals are enticing targets for criminal organizations and terrorist groups. Daniel Risk Mitigation designs risk mitigation strategies, delivers training and manages the execution of those plans to keep our clients safe.”

For more information on seminars and training programs with Daniel Risk Mitigation, please visit the company Web site at or call them directly at 813-835-1847.