Employee Management Services

Client: EMS
Industry: Administrative/Human Resources/Payroll


EMS provides customized, quality, human resource services to small- and mid-sized businesses. The team approached HCP with a need to refine its sales process and develop new ways to sell the company’s services.


A management shift resulted in the hire of a new president, who desired insight into how to sell EMS’ services. The new president wanted to better understand the process being undertaken by the sales team at the time and develop a common message that the team could take to the market and to gain new leads.

HCP embarked on a process of interviewing sales team members as well as clients to determine the current approach of the sales team and the message that was being sold. The goal was to determine whether there was consistency within the message and whether what was delivered was a true reflection of the initial communication.

With the feedback in hand, HCP worked with EMS to develop and roll out their marketing plan. The plan incorporated various elements that HCP had identified as weaknesses during the preliminary client and employee interviews, and it focused on generating qualified sales leads, refining the messaging used for those sales leads, and developing a plan for follow-up as well as client retention.

The process began with direct mail outreach, followed by a telemarketing follow-up. During the follow-up, if the prospect was not interested in EMS’ services at the time, the sales representative would still take the opportunity to gather information from the prospect to add to a prospect database for future follow-up.

To ensure that the EMS team remained consistent and up-to-date with industry trends, HCP developed periodic advisory meetings for both ESM and its clients to share relevant updates and new information.

To build loyalty, HCP developed a monthly newsletter on behalf of EMS to go out to clients. HCP also conducted periodic research of EMS’ client base to gauge interest in new service offerings and level of satisfaction and to show a general interest in their feedback.