Client: YouImpact
Industry: Legal/Public Affairs


Anna Redgate was in need of a program that she could present to judges and community corrections officers as an online alternative to the live victim impact panels.


HCP worked with Redgate to structure an online program, produce educational videos, test exercises, HD captures of victim stories, and a plan for her program that she could take to conferences.

HCP first met Anna Redgate in 2009, at which point the team learned of her personal drive and interest in developing a program for DUI offenders to be incorporated into their sentencing. Redgate lost a child at the hand of a drunk driver on New Year’s Day, 2000. In the years following, she became a regular speaker at live victim impact panels, making efforts to make those who had been convicted of drunk driving more aware of their impact on others, in hopes of changing their future actions.

She felt strongly, however, that there were better ways of getting the message through to DUI offenders, of the impacts of their actions. The live victim impact panels were often difficult for the offenders to attend, given that they needed to secure transportation. The goal was to establish an alternative mode of the live panels, in a way that could expand the reach of the message.

HCP developed a brand platform and corporate collateral to complement the identity (logo, letterhead, business cards, email signature, etc.) for a unified image. This name selected for the brand—YouImpact—represented Redgate’s overall goal in all of her efforts—to raise awareness of personal impact through exposure to the personal stories of real people impacted by destructive driving decisions—from offenders, to victims, to the families of victims.

HCP developed a web-based platform through which the program envisioned by Redgate could “live.” This platform provided participants with a similar experience to that of the live victim impact panels. HCP collaborated with programmers, film experts and Redgate’s team to completely design the online program from the ground up. This included copy development for the instructions, design comps, functionality testing, imagery sourcing, filming and video editing. The program included a Q&A section following each video, and participants needed to score a certain percentage of questions correctly in order to move through the program.

In conjunction with the program development, HCP also provided recommended next steps, offering a calendar of events through which Redgate could take on a presentation role or simply network. The team also sourced judge and attorney contacts through the state, for direct outreach, to build program awareness.

Redgate showcased the AfterMyDUI program at the Florida Association of Community Corrections (FACC), and continues outreach to judges and attorneys throughout the United States to get her program included in offender sentencing.