Ybor City CRA Rebrand

Client: Ybor City CRA
Industry: Government / Urban Development

Challenge: Following the October 2022 update in Florida State Legislature’s policy regarding the spending of community redevelopment agencies (CRAs), the Tampa CRA embarked on a comprehensive restructuring. This restructuring was aimed at realigning staff, policies, and procedures to enhance service delivery across Tampa’s community redevelopment areas. A critical part of this restructuring was the implementation of a new brand identity.

Solution: HCP Associates was engaged to integrate the Ybor City CRA’s digital and print materials with the new overarching Tampa CRA brand as part of our ongoing communications and community engagement work. This integration involved a strategic overhaul of the Ybor City CRA portal website, yborcityonline.com, ensuring that it reflected the new branding while maintaining its unique community identity.

The rebranding process began with a detailed review of the existing Ybor City CRA website to determine which materials could be retained and what needed to be updated or removed. This initial review facilitated a seamless redesign that incorporated the new Tampa CRA branding and colors. The refreshed portal site now offers streamlined information that helps visitors better understand the roles and services provided by the Tampa CRA, specifically tailored to the Ybor City community.

In addition to the website overhaul, HCP Associates redesigned Ybor City’s FLASH emails—short-form email communications essential for keeping the community informed about projects, special events, road closures, and more. The quarterly newsletter, The Legend, was also updated to reflect the new branding, carefully incorporating elements that represent Ybor City’s unique heritage and community spirit.

Furthermore, HCP Associates guided the transition of all social media accounts associated with Ybor City CRA to align with the new branding. This included updating social media names, header and profile images, and descriptions to ensure consistency across all platforms.

Throughout this rebranding process, HCP Associates maintained a close consulting and engagement relationship with Ybor City CRA. We provided expert guidance and shared best practices to make the transition as smooth as possible, ensuring that all elements of the rebrand were cohesive and effectively communicated the renewed vision of the CRA.