Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting (VATC)

Client: Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting (VATC)
Industry: Special Operations Forces (SOF) with Conventional Forces, Interagencies, and Partner Nations


Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting (VATC) is a global leader in preparing and integrating Special Operations Forces (SOF) with Conventional Forces, Interagencies, and Partner Nations. VATC leads in the creation of innovative solutions and the improvement of operational readiness worldwide. With over 16-years of providing services, VATC was ready to brand and launch their first cloud-based suite of collaborative applications. EPIC Ready®, a cloud-based suite of collaborative applications, provides support in war gaming, intelligence, and global operations. With unparalleled capabilities, this platform’s approach maximizes individual, unit and joint readiness against a full range of tasks and missions.


HCP strategically promoted EPIC Ready as “Transforming Mission Readiness.” This positioning conveyed the brand’s tactical approach within SOF and Armed Forces’ Industry.

The application would launch at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in May 2019. SOFIC is the premier venue for the SOF community to interact with industry and to collaborate on the challenges within the industry. This required product branding, positioning, public relations, tradeshow management and creative design.

HCP utilized in-house veteran team leadership to guide strategic planning sessions with VATC senior leadership and their team of veteran SOF specialists to create and deploy a unique branding and positioning platform and a public relations strategy that would launch the global debut of their EPIC Ready Suite at SOFIC 2019. From colors/themes and tradeshow management to positioning statements and private party debut to hand-picked SOF Operators, the gold version of EPIC Ready debuted successfully and garnered major industry attention in the SOF and Armed Forces Community.

Florida’s military and defense industry are the fourth largest contributor to the state’s economy. Over decades, HCP has remained strongly committed to supporting businesses in the military and private sector that support our nation’s national security and the world’s coalition to fight for freedom and unity on a global scale.