The Surgicalist Group

The Surgicalist Group

Client: The Sugicalist Group
Industry: Healthcare/Medical


A local surgeon on the cutting edge of a new hospital surgical model required HCP’s expertise to evaluate the opportunity and develop a brand that could be unveiled nationally. With minimal competition within this space, the client’s challenge was building awareness of the brand and educating hospital administrators regarding what a surgicalist does.


HCP developed a 12-month strategy for the surgeon, inclusive of pragmatically bringing practices in under a parent brand, speaking engagements, tradeshow appearances, advertorial content, and more.

A surgicalist treats urgent needs with an innovative model of hospital surgical care. This groundbreaking model is gaining attention for its results and the heightened patient care it enables. A Lutz-based practitioner, the owner of Lutz Surgical, approached HCP with the surgicalist concept and aspirations for growing both his practice and his network.

The Surgicalist Group marries local surgicalists with leading-edge hospitals to help the hospitals provide the responsive and expert acute surgical care that patients both desire and demand. Surgicalists represent a new means of Emergency Department (ED) surgical staffing. These individuals receive the same training and education as traditional surgeons, but their time is dedicated solely in the ER as opposed to being divided between the hospital and the surgeon’s private practice.

As an initial step, HCP’s research team sourced patient statistics and, upon analysis, produced a series of advantages of the surgicalist model versus the traditional surgeon model. These advantages included better departmental workflow, better patient care, and a better bottom line for hospitals in response to the growing demands placed on hospital administrators.

To understand the results of the model, the team then pursued information on the existing competitors. Through comprehensive competitor analysis, HCP was able to make recommendations for brand positioning. An analysis of marketing opportunities then helped pinpoint publications and industry events that would offer the client exposure to key hospital administration decision-makers to raise awareness of the model and its benefits.

Brand positioning was a crucial element in the process of going national. Based on the research conducted by HCP, decisions were made on every element from logo design to the brand positioning statement. Given the client’s interest in raising the company’s national profile as well as in bringing in practices to enhance patient coverage, the team developed a parent brand under the name of The Surgicalist Group.

With the brand in place, the team rolled out a 12-month plan for TSG, from advertisements to speaking engagements to attending events. Each expenditure was vetted for the audience involved, presence of competition, and opportunity for engagement with decision-makers.

All research stages built upon each other sequentially, ultimately allowing for full roll-out on a national stage. The pragmatic approach to brand development and the CEO’s involvement in the planned roll-out aided The Surgicalist Group in entering the national market with a strategic plan well-situated for success.


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