PSCU Financial Services

Client: PSCU Financial Services
Industry: Banking/Brokerage/Insurance


PSCU sought professional guidance in restructuring its long-term strategic plans and corporate image to stimulate accelerated growth in its sector.


HCP Associates served as an active participant in the C-level management team facilitating the evaluation of business targets and potential to better understand the company’s potential. Emphasis was placed on the brand’s competitive positioning and its products as part of a concerted effort to broaden prospects’ understanding of the firm’s capabilities.

As a credit union service organization (CUSO), PSCU offers its member credit unions processing services for debit and credit cards and related member support resources. Growth had slowed as credit union consolidation and significant competition offering similar services had begun to erode the defined potential.

Through an extensive secondary study of consumer banking habits in credit union facilities and one-on-one interviews with nearly 100 credit union executives, HCP Associates began a series of activities focused on building brand loyalty. Primary research was initiated to build baseline knowledge of the industry and clarity of leadership perspectives of PSCU users versus users of competitive services. Blind direct mail studies were implemented and annually repeated to definitively track corporate progress in establishing the defined strategies and image.

Following the evolution in strategic focus, HCP Associates helped redefine the brand image (graphics) and expanded the marketing messages beyond the focus on processing to include a wide range of financial services. To launch the new direction, HCP Associates began a series of events concurrent with the largest national convention (Government Affairs Conference in DC) focused on prospects. Simultaneously, efforts were directed at enhancing brand loyalty and word-of-mouth support through current users in dramatically upgraded annual meetings of the firm’s membership. HCP Associates ongoing role included piloting new product launches and internal evaluation of the brand’s marketing and advertising communications and its products.

Multiple years of accelerated growth have followed, inclusive of significant stability during the most recent recession based on the images and strategic focus instilled in the company—a process that was annually updated through a rigorous evaluation process of new research, internal business analysis, and ongoing competitive analysis. The company’s profile continues to grow, and today the firm is unquestionably the leader in the field of service, representing more than 60 percent of all credit union members in the nation.