Nasatka Security

Nasatka Security

Client: Nasatka Security
Industry: Defense/Military/Security


After the events of 9/11 and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, Nasatka encountered rapidly growing demand across the nation and globe for premium vehicle access perimeter security. These events also resulted in a shift in the competitive landscape as more companies stepped up to meet the increased security solution need. 


HCP worked with Nasatka to competitively reposition the company, shifting away from being a commodity-based provider of barricades to a defense consultant and created multiple niche verticals to provide a turn-key full-service solution of products. 

Beginning in 1975, Nasatka Barrier (its name at the time) was the first to develop, patent, manufacture, and install DOD K-Rated crash-tested barrier systems in the US. In the years following, Founder Ralph Nasatka built an impeccable reputation for his company by creating and manufacturing numerous unparalleled barrier systems for government agencies, top security offices, and commercial industries worldwide. 

HCP worked with Nasatka Barrier to competitively rebrand and reposition the company, shifting from a commodity-based provider of barricades to a global turnkey perimeter security solutions provider. 

Nasatka Barrier faced several significant challenges, one being the transition of its new CEO. The team recognized that Nasatka had little in the way of marketing materials, public relations, or a web presence, and it had a real need to differentiate itself from the growing competition. HCP began working with the new Nasatka CEO and management team to rebrand and reposition the company’s entire line of vehicle barriers and introduce new products and services. 

Over the next few years, HCP recommended that the sales and marketing department relocate to Tampa, Florida, near MacDill AFB, the home of CENTCOM and SOCOM. HCP implemented a new branding and positioning platform, moving the company away from the perception as a barrier supplier and shifting it toward a provider of fully integrated global security solutions. HCP developed an international marketing and public relations campaign, set up a CRM system, and rolled out an extensive domestic and international tradeshow presence. These collective efforts broadened its network of contacts, created awareness, and allowed significant growth with a global footprint. 

Under the direction of HCP, the company interacted with various other security solution providers and began to foster collaborative relationships. HCP spearheaded the official rebranding of Nasatka Barrier to Nasatka Security to better understand the direction being taken by the brand and better capture the transformation that the company was making through the cooperative relationships developed along the way. 

In response to the competitive landscape and growing breadth of service, HCP coined the tagline “Global Lines of Defense®.” Along with this branding and positioning campaign, HCP launched a new website, increased PR efforts, enhanced media placement, and supported the complete adoption of the new brand and position at all Nasatka locations. 

To continually foster brand awareness year-round, HCP coordinated global tradeshow opportunities for Nasatka, from purely attending to showing and hosting speaking engagements. These opportunities increased Nasatka’s reach as well as brought in prospective leads. 

The mission of providing barrier protection for some of the highest-profile government agencies, military installations, and corporate facilities in the United States and worldwide has remained unchanged. However, Nasatka’s willingness to adapt to the market demands and foresight in projecting the industry’s needs, combined with their ongoing commitment to research and development, helped them remain an industry leader.