Veterans Memorial Park & Museum / Military Learning Center of Tampa Bay

Client: Military Learning Center of Tampa Bay
Industry: Destination Marketing/Hospitality


The Veterans Memorial Park and Museum Committee, Inc. (VMPMC), in partnership with Hillsborough County’s Veterans Services, seeks to expand their organization but wanted to test the concepts of their proposed expansion among the audiences their organization serves.


HCP Associates embarked on a viability study for the Military Learning Center, gathering insights from key stakeholders in the industry and the general public. HCPAssociates explored the offerings, features, or services that would be of the most value to the community.

HCP Associates previously worked with the VMPMC to help develop the name and brand for the Military Learning Center of Tampa Bay (MLCTB). With an established brand and vision, HCP Associates was again called to assess the center’s individual features.

The VMPMC envisions the Military Learning Center to be a place where military and civilian integration comes together in full view to share how vital each is with the other.

Through community engagement and secondary research, HCP Associates illustrated the necessity of the establishment and concluded that there is interest from the civilian community and those currently serving and veterans.

HCP Associates determined that for the learning center to thrive, it needs to triage STEM learning and K-12 education, serving as a hub for veteran support resources, and provide a space that supports the community. The MLC should be a place where people of all ages can come to and find information relating to the military, whether it be a child experiencing space through VR technology, a young adult looking to understand career paths transitioning into civilian life, or for veterans to come together and meet others in the area.