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Media General

Client: Media General
Industry: Film/Entertainment/Media


For the past 25 years, Media General has needed various degrees of strategic planning and consultative support to assist their newspapers and the broadcast, Internet, and publishing properties owned by the parent company. This need would guide their development of new products, analyze existing products, and measure the company’s market potential.


HCP Associates has been an active participant in developing many of the campaigns used by Media General’s Tampa newspaper, the Tampa Tribune. Two of these campaigns include the very successful Making a Difference in Our Community and Life Printed Daily.  Through the campaign work, HCP Associates worked with the Tribune to identify and subsequently specifically target their prime audience. In the Making a Difference in Our Community campaign, the target was the general newspaper reader. Still, as time progressed and the audience changed, the subsequent Life Printed Daily campaign began to target their strongest audience—the affluent adult between the ages of 25 and 54.

Media General is on a constant search for new products to support, as well as new products to create in-house, to keep the appeal fresh and to reach out to various niche segments. With the growth in the Hispanic segment, HCP Associates encouraged and eventually took full control of the development of a concept to address the Hispanic marketplace, leading ultimately to the launch of CENTRO, a free Hispanic publication. HCP Associates not only developed the concept, but named the product, built the product line, and even hired the personnel to run it. The product has been very successful among its target audience and continues to increase its circulation among this powerful niche. The target reader represented a demographic within the market that was growing faster than the general population. The realization that this growing demographic was not being spoken to through print made the product that much more valuable.

Most recently, HCP Associates was instrumental in the development and product mix launch of Rain Publishing, the parent publishing company for several joint ventures between Media General and Fourth Door Creative. In response to the presence of affluent individuals in the Tampa Bay Area, HCP Associates has supported Rain’s development of a variety of publications to speak to them. The publications are filled with advertisers who know and understand the affluent subset, and, accordingly, offer appropriate products and services.

Several of the Rain publications produced include New Heights Magazine, South Tampa Magazine, BLU, VUE, and Brandon Digest.  The latter three publications have been created and launched under the consultation of HCP Associates. As newspaper readership loses ground among certain demographics, niche publications such as those produced under the Rain brand targeting the upper income and affluent households appear to be more appealing to readers.