Manatee County Schools

Client: Manatee County Schools
Industry: Education


The School District of Manatee County wanted to gain a better understanding of the community services that students and families served by Daughtrey Elementary needed in order to help children and families to achieve long-term success. They wanted to create a sense of priority for the schools by comparing different services to each other.


HCP Associates conducted a research study in collaboration with the school district of Manatee County to conduct a robust needs assessment of the families at Daughtrey Elementary School.

Blanche H. Daughtrey Elementary School is a Title 1 school located in Bradenton, Florida that serves a minority-majority population whose students are primarily of Hispanic or Latino origin. The school is in the process of becoming a Community Partnership School, which allows the school to offer a range of programs and services that fulfill the educational, health, social, and financial needs of community members.

The study involved surveying parents and guardians of students at Daughtrey Elementary School. HCP Associates analyzed the data and found that healthcare and related services were critical to the community. Based on the findings, HCP Associates provided recommendations to the school district to improve the services offered to the community. The community needs assessment model is an approach that could be deployed to several schools as a part of the Community Partnership Schools process.