Luxury Cayman Villas

Luxury Cayman Villas

Client: Luxury Cayman Villas
Industry: Destination Marketing/Hospitality


Over time, to the founders of LCV, the idea of “luxury travel” started to change. As a team, we all collectively agreed that simple luxuries mattered much more to us now: cribs, pack-n-plays, ultra-comfortable beds, central locations near stores and dining, and knowing the details were taken care of for us so we could enjoy the “big stuff”: namely, time spent together. Luxury Cayman Villas was born from this idea and the leadership was ready to create a cohesive brand with their four luxury properties on Grand Cayman Island. The owners are world travelers of five-star properties who found that these high-end destinations were unwelcoming to children and families. HCP was tasked with developing this new luxury concept and brand and growing the company into a recognized entity worldwide. All while targeting the wealthiest one percent niche target audience around the globe.  


HCP created a custom logo, tagline, website, social media channels, and a PR and Advertising Campaign to launch LCV in this highly competitive and niche luxury travel industry. Advertisements were placed in global high-end publications, like Jetset Magazine, targeting wealthy family-centric travelers with an affluent lifestyle. We focused on social media partners with custom creative content and dedicated followers covering discussions on private jets, private yachts, private jet terminals, yacht charters, exclusive resorts, and luxury destination events around the world, creating Press niche media substantial editorial interest. 

Luxury Cayman Villas has prospered under the new luxury and brand marketing platform. Today, LCV offers over a dozen luxury locations and is the prominent 5 Star-rated family-centric destination for all Grand Cayman. From West Bay to Bodden Town and George Town to Run Point, one will not find a more elegant, luxurious, and family-centric service-based selection of some of the world’s most beautiful properties.  
High-end branding and positioning, extensive global PR, niche advertsing and marketing programs, custom aerial photography, VR Tours and a “Better than First Class” campaign rocketed the Luxury Cayman Villas brand to live up in its entirety to our master tagline:  
Its more than just a place to stay; It’s Your Own Private Everything™. 


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