Hillsborough County

Client: Hillsborough County
Industry: Economic Development/Government


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and a notable population increase, Hillsborough County needed to reassess how residents perceive their government and community services compared to the 2019 survey.


HCP Associates was re-engaged to execute a comprehensive survey utilizing both telephonic and online methodologies to capture extensive citizen feedback.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, 87% of residents still report high satisfaction with their quality of life, although there has been a slight decline in the willingness to recommend Hillsborough as a place to live, work, or retire.

The survey, which achieved a balance of demographics comparable to the county’s population, included over 15,000 online responses and 1,400 telephonic interviews conducted between April and June 2021. Key issues identified include increasing concerns over traffic congestion and public transport, with notable interest in alternative transportation options like light rail and streetcars. While emergency services, public safety, and cleanliness are highly valued, there are evident gaps in mental health services and homelessness support, highlighting areas needing attention. Engagement with county services has increased, particularly online, although trust in government has seen a slight decrease since 2019.

The insights from the 2021 survey will guide Hillsborough County in addressing the evolving needs and improving services to better meet the expectations of its residents. HCP Associates continues to support strategic decision-making with robust data and research.

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