Hillsborough County - COVID-19 Study

Client: Hillsborough County
Industry: Economic Development/Government


COVID-19 is a serious and widespread issue throughout the world. It has caused communitleaders to come together to attempt to make more informed datadriven decisions.   


To help mitigate the growing impact the virus has had throughout Hillsborough County, county administration identified the need to collect immediate public sentiment information on what challenges residents were having as a result of COVID-19. 

The Coronavirus pandemic became increasingly prevalent throughout the entire world in February and continued to grow rapidly in March 2020specifically impacting the United States. The virus put society at risk of becoming ill (or worse) and also negatively affected many local and national businesses and the economy. There was great uncertainty regarding the virus itself and the necessary precautions to prevent the spread.  

HCP Associates was engaged by Hillsborough County leadership to conduct a community research study to hear from residents on their concerns, beliefs, challenges, and barriers that may impact their ability to obtain testing, gain correct information, and understand health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. HCP Associates worked with Hillsborough County to create and distribute two different surveys for this study: a telephonic survey and an online survey administered via the website and a text message (SMS). 

Combining input from random sampling and opt-in community feedback, HCP Associates identified the trusted sources residents look to for information, sentiments around COVID-19 testing, knowledge about the virus, what health and safety practices are being followed, and other challenges residents faced because of the pandemic. These data points allowed Hillsborough County to improve countywide communication and specifically address testing availability, safe health practices, and where to get trusted information.  

Hillsborough County also leveraged the study’s findings and credible information from medical sources, economists, scientists, and other experts to create a complete image of the County’s current state and to overcome challenges faced by residents.