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Client: CoopLew
Industry: Professional Development Services


HCP serves as the go-to third-party research firm for higher education publication Diverse: Issues in Higher Education. While planning for its future, Diverse sought feedback from various community connections regarding potential changes to the publication. Empirical, third-party interviews were therefore needed to obtain critical information from the publication’s target audience.


HCP traveled to the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) conference, hosted by CoopLew. HCP conducted qualitative research to uncover sentiments from high-value stakeholders. Honest and raw feedback was obtained from those familiar with the publication to receive further insight into differing perspectives.

CoopLew is a professional development organization dedicated to advancing Chief Diversity Officers. In conjunction with HCP’s existing market research undertaking with Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, HCP Associates conducted 23 in-person interviews of Chief Diversity Officers attending the CDO to CEO Conference sponsored by CoopLew in Washington D.C.

Diversity as a topic has grown in prominence, as not only colleges and universities but also businesses implement diversity officers and departments in their organizations. The insights provided by high-value stakeholders yielded beneficial insights in identifying relevant content, increasing engagement, and cementing the publication’s role as a leader in the higher education industry.

The insight gained through these fielded anonymous interviews provided Diverse with the resources they needed to highlight the content they should emphasize based on the broad overlap in their respective goals. HCP synthesized and analyzed interview responses to create a report for Diverse, which ultimately led to the publication’s planning process for future growth.