American Integrity Insurance Group

Client: American Integrity Insurance Group
Industry: Insurance


American Integrity Insurance Group (AIIG), a Florida insurance company, desired a more extensive reach across the state and better understand homeowner policyholders’ needs.


HCP Associates devised a market research plan that would provide insight into Florida’s consumer market and test AIIG’s brand awareness.

American Integrity Insurance Group was established in 2006 in response to market dislocation. National carriers left the market, and thousands of policies were assumed from the other insurance companies. Their mission is to create property insurance solutions for Floridians and to do it better than other insurers. Since the group was founded, voluntary strategies became more pronounced, product offerings expanded, administration systems became robust, and an instant quote tool was launched.

While the company steadily grew, there was still an opportunity with Florida residents. HCP Associates was brought in to help the company understand what factors drive consumer choices and decisions and measure the brand awareness of AIIG.

HCP Associates decided a focus group would be most beneficial to provide answers to AIIG. A target audience was then determined to aid in the most valuable insights, and Florida residents were then selected to participate, which met the specifications. Participants were screened to ensure the profile fit the target audience. They were the primary decision-makers for insurance matters; however, race, age, and gender varied and were not controlled.

While the focus group illustrated low levels of brand awareness for AIIG, consumer behavior and comments were helpful. The participants agreed that it is essential for insurance companies to clearly and simply communicate coverage terms and live up to their initial promises. It was also noted that many do not shop around for new policies but tend to stay with the same company.

The focus group results were reported on and presented to the client. Focus groups help test bias or assumptions, understand user needs, discover how users make decisions, and allow for flexibility to have conversations about topics brought up.