Client: Apex
Industry: Product Manufacturing/Distribution


This family-owned fabrication facility offered experience in design, engineering, rapid prototypes, and installations. Their primary source of business was in the defense industry, and after the 9/11 surge, there was an overall decline in production in that industry. APEX wanted research on new vertical markets, a new brand platform and position, and all new marketing materials. In addition, they needed a public relations strategy to build credibility in emerging markets.


HCP completed research on different vertical markets including bridge building, rapid prototyping, highway/road signage, and many other untapped markets.

After rationalizing the new markets, HCP worked with management to complete a corporate snapshot in order to effectively produce a full marketing plan and budget.  From on site photo shoots of a full inventory of machinery to a new logo and corporate identity, HCP implemented the new look and feel throughout the company over a period of six months.  Other tactics included new sales and data sheets for new vertical market products, changing a conventional B2B business to also offer B2C products, thus enhancing new channels of revenue.  Tradeshow management and a full public relations plan helped spread the word that APEX was organized and offered new products and signature services unlike any other fabrication facility in the northeast.