Client: Adsil
Industry: Consumer Products


The Adsil Corporation needed a team of marketing professionals to develop a long-term strategy that would take their suite of products to multiple markets on an international scale.


Adsil manufactures clear coatings that protect a wide array of different surfaces designed to help extend the energy efficiency of equipment and life expectancy of property and contribute to the ease of maintenance, thus lowering cleaning costs.

HCP, using our “corporate snapshot” methodology, met with Adsil to identify the company’s objectives and goals. With the client’s goals in mind, HCP reached out to Adsil’s current distributors for feedback on the product, company, and ways in which Adsil could facilitate the sales process. Additionally, HCP researched Adsil’s known competitors, indirect competitors, potential vertical markets, and ways to address them in terms of making Adsil stand out from the competition.

After reviewing the research findings and recommendations for next steps, HCP rebranded and refocused materials, product lines, and company image. With several distinctive uses for the Adsil products, HCP developed a parent brand and subsequent sub-brands that targeted the end-use of the Adsil line of products.

HCP developed new sales sheets for each sub-brand, which offered specs and recommendations for each use. These sales sheets featured the new look, combining components of the prior brand with the new elements that spoke more strongly to the product line. The new branded appearance of the sales sheets clearly distinguished Adsil from its major competitors. Additionally, HCP designed a new website, which identified business verticals, before and after photos, case studies, detailed specs sheets, and content specific to various industries.

As an added effort, HCP conceptualized, wrote and produced viral videos for distribution through various social media channels including YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

With the brand architecture in place, HCP compiled a portfolio of industry associations through which Adsil could disseminate its new image and collateral to generate business as well as expand its network of product installers. This and several tradeshows scheduled for attendance will help to continually expand Adsil’s awareness and installer network to meet the increasing service demand.