We research. We strategize. We market. You grow.

From the financial and healthcare industries, to hospitality and entertainment, we at HCP Associates support our clientele in a myriad of ways—sometimes as a confidant, friend, psychologist and even a protagonist. We are a hands-on marketing boutique with some of the sharpest researchers and marketers in the business. Our “team approach” ensures that our perspective is not that of one individual, but rather a combination of diverse talents. While some companies only offer their single perspective and skill set, HCP is comprised of some of the most experienced strategists, researchers, designers, account managers, publicists, social media analysts, media planners and event management professionals. Our research-based marketing model has proven time and time again that it isn’t all about the creative; we crave knowledge and numbers and aren’t afraid to tip the applecart with real facts. The hard numbers and facts…sometimes difficult to hear…have saved brands, careers and legacies from making creative mistakes. These facts have also launched new brands, new companies and retired more people than we can remember. We have integrity and ethical commitments to our trade, our clients and their businesses.

Research & Analysis

Offering an unbiased, third-party perspective, HCP is able to determine the most effective strategy for achieving your goals, using research as its foundation. Both primary and secondary research methodologies are the driving forces behind the services we offer our clients. It is our belief, that without thoroughly understanding our clients’ respective industries, unique challenges, and past successes and failures, we cannot possibly offer credible operational, creative, media or marketing recommendations.

Through custom surveys, secondary data analysis, stakeholder interviews, competitor evaluations, etc., HCP is able to discover fundamental customer, potential customer, and competitive information that is crucial to short-term and long-term growth. These activities remove the guesswork from the strategic planning and implementation processes.

Core Research Services Include

  • Secondary Research Review
    Analysis of existing qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Primary Research Plan
    Establishing a mixed medium approach for continual data collection
  • Branding Studies
    Awareness, perception, tracking and brand equity
  • Market Analysis
    Competitors, markets, emerging markets, growth potential
  • Customers
    Current , lapsed and prospective retention and/or potential
  • Staff/Management
    Employee satisfaction, company culture, operational efficiency
  • Community
    Citizen and consumer polling
  • Media & Adverting
    Advertising testing, media performance, financial audit

Strategy & Planning

Professionals recognize that they can no longer depend solely on a flashy ad, brochure or Web site, to assure long-term success. Instead, using research as its foundation, HCP spends one-on-one time with clients to dissect and analyze every piece of information attained to produce a customized action plan for strategic growth that is both realistic and attainable.

Core Strategic Services Include

  • Strategic Goals
    Planning and market implementation
  • Corporate
    Management recruiting, teambuilding, and sales & marketing integration
  • Customers
    Retention & ongoing communication
  • Brand
    Positioning for a specific client or market, product or service labeling
  • Integration
    Mergers and acquisitions, new market development
  • Financing & Budgeting
    Establishing a plan for the near to long-term

Marketing Management

Once a clearly defined strategy is in place, HCP’s account management, marketing and design teams will work to ensure every step of the action plan is efficiently executed. Through every step of the process we will monitor and report the progress of your marketing activities.

Core Marketing Management Services

  • Brand & Campaigns
    New campaign launches
  • Content & Communications
    Mixed medium continual client touchpoints
  • Website & Social Platform
    Digital presence management
  • Creative Platform & Development
    Corporate Identity establishment and monitoring
  • Video & Digital
    Production of corporate videos, video campaigns, shorts
  • Print Production & Content Creation
    Client artwork design, development, production
  • Media Planning
    Selection, negotiations, placement, layout
  • Tradeshow & Event Management
    Selection, negotiation, sponsorships, lead generation
  • Speaking Engagements
    Selection, coordination, content
  • Budget Management
    Policing and protecting integrity