HCP is a national research, strategy, and marketing firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida. We are not an ad agency or a standalone research firm. HCP Associates is a unique and different type of marketing firm with nearly 31 years of successful history spanning the globe. Since 1986, we have been helping companies develop and implement effective marketing and business growth strategies based on industry, consumer, and competitive research.

Utilizing various strategic planning methodologies, we aid our clients in achieving long-term growth while enjoying short-term results. We specialize in all forms of research, strategic planning, marketing, public relations, customer retention, advertising, web development, digital media, and broadcasting.

We are on a fast track and need leaders to join the team and help take us to the next level.

Here’s the HCP Mantra:

  • Dedication – Doing right by our clients is a top priority.
  • Ownership – We’re determined to make an impact—preferably a big one—every day by challenging traditional thinking and expanding the views of others.
  • Integrity – We treat our clients, customers, and co-workers with genuine respect through open communication.
  • Teamwork – We believe everything worthwhile is achieved through effective collaboration. Every individual can impact the mission.
  • Innovation – The status quo bores us. Everyone is encouraged to think differently and invent relentlessly.

HCP Associates is committed to one simple but truly exciting principle: Each person is different and every person matters. This mindset fuels everything we do for our clients and for each other. We work magic for our clients and we have fun doing it. If that sounds like your sort of place, we’d love to hear more from you!