Heather McHugh, Manager of Client Services

Heather McHugh

Manager of Client Services

A native of Charleston, West Virginia, Heather graduated from Northern Kentucky University with her Bachelor’s in Marketing and Business Administration. Upon graduation, she decided to travel the world before settling in Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. After some very successful and regular appearances on stage at I.O. West Theater (The Los Angeles branch of Chicago’s world-famous Improv Comedy Club) and TV sitcoms like “The King of Queens,” Heather decided that the truly educated never graduate and she relocated to Tampa where she obtained her BFA from The University of South Florida in Studio Art with concentrations in painting and photography.

With an extensive background studying and understanding human emotions through art, coupled with her education in market research, Heather brings a unique blend of left brain/right brain to HCP and our clients. Heather enjoys the challenges of a fast-paced and ever changing environment where creative problem solving is a daily occurrence.

As Manager of Clients Services, Heather handles day-to-day marketing initiatives for a broad range of clients in multiple industries. Heather manages, coordinates, and serves as a liaison between clients and HCP’s three service divisions: Research, Strategy, and Marketing. Heather oversees annual media planning, creative planning, and strategic planning with guidance from HCP’s Senior Strategy Team. She handles regular scheduled meetings with clients and internal teams and manages quarterly client budgets. Heather’s unique mix of creativity and real-world business experience produces out-of-the-box ideas with an achievable ROI for HCP clients on a daily basis.

Heather enjoys competing in triathlons and half marathons, as well as spending time with her boyfriend of 17 years, Andrew, and their five rescue cats, Maia, Orion, Persephone, Ivy, and Gracie.