Brand Management

The consistency and usage of your brand and logo is essential to the success of your marketing and sales development. HCP will monitor and track all brand usage and ensure that, in every way possible, your brand is not corrupted or lost in the background of media clutter, and is also preserved through internal company usage. Our brand professionals will ensure your brand maintains its integrity and stands out against the rest, giving your company the advantage of being remembered.

Broadcast & Video Production

Broadcast and video production enables your company to communicate in ways that are lost through traditional print and digital mediums. HCP’s award winning team has years of experience developing broadcast spots and video presentations for a variety of companies in diverse industries. No matter how simple or abstract, HCP production team will work with you to either develop a spot from scratch or take your vision and make it into reality.

Creative Development

HCP’s creative team will develop unique methods of reaching your target market. The creative development process begins in research and is taken to the next level by utilizing our exclusive staff of diverse talents. Our creative process enables us to think “outside-the-box” and create a message that is consistent with your brand and stands out from the standard media clutter.

Marketing Plan Management

A marketing strategy and plan is only effective if it is implemented properly. At HCP, our staff will implement, monitor and manage every step of your marketing plan so you do not have to. From budget management to invoicing and billing, media to PR, and every other aspect of your marketing strategy, HCP has you covered.

Media Placement & Management

Effective media marketing is not about getting the most exposure anywhere you can. True brand value and return on investment comes from the right exposure in the proper publications and media outlets. The goal is to save you the most money and get the greatest return on investment. Our media professionals will research, negotiate and manage your entire media placement campaign to ensure you get the greatest exposure for the lowest cost. This is one of the most vital areas of saving and cost recovery for many medium-to-large businesses.

Public Relations Management

Read all about it! Public Relations is one of the keystones to getting your name in the mouths and minds of potential clients. Our team of PR specialists will ensure that your company receives the maximum exposure possible. Press releases, media kits and newsletters are all viable options to spreading the word about your business, and we work with national and local media outlets to get your news out. Additionally, we will monitor and research monthly news and industry specific media to ensure you are up to date on all the current trends and developments in your industry.

Print & Digital Graphic Design

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a creatively designed print or digital advertisement is worth ten thousand! Our in-house staff of graphic designers will develop any sort of print or digital design you need, to translate your message to your audience. Through print and digital advertising, sales material, corporate identity, packaging, brochures, trifold, tradeshow booths and everything else, HCP will create material that stands out and gets your message across!

Social Media Marketing and Management

Social media is playing a growing role of importance in the realm of search engine marketing and gaining organic rankings on search engines. Additionally, social media outlets provide you with a great opportunity to communicate with your customers and ensure their continued use of your product. With the advent of social media, we have noticed a growing trend of people researching companies on social media site before they decide whether to go with their services. We will give you the tools to be successful in this constantly changing realm and keep a pulse on the developing trends.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

As more and more people are using search engines to find what they are looking for, it becomes essential to focus a portion of your marketing toward SEO and SEM. Statistically, most online searchers never look past the first page of search results. At HCP, we will develop a plan of action to market your company online and gain competitive organic ranking. Furthermore, we will research the most cost effective way to reach your target markets online through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements. We are extremely proficient at this complex process. Let us make it simple for you!

Tradeshow Management & Event Planning

Many of our clients have come to us looking for unique ways to maximize their tradeshow’s return on investment. HCP will work with you to select the most effective tradeshows to attend that will optimize your target market exposure. Once we choose the appropriate forums, we can proceed with tradeshow booth rendering, and a full pre-show to post-show marketing effort. HCP will develop unique strategies to reach your target market by utilizing PR, direct mail, E-blasts and other creative methods.

Additionally, we will work with you to bring to life a unique and creative tradeshow booth that attracts those who pass by, and will develop unique methods to generate a “buzz” throughout the tradeshow. We will produce the optimum environment to increase your lead generation, and aid you in a post-show follow-up strategy that will help encourage that lead to close.

Web Design & Development

HCP is dedicated to developing effective and clean websites that maximize visibility and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From “cradle to launch”, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure their vision becomes a Web reality. We combine the disciplined thinking of traditional brand management with the practical knowledge that is necessary in today’s electronic business environment. For over 10 years, we have fostered our interactive abilities, enabling our clients to maximize their websites’ exposure and functionality.