US health care is a $2.9 trillion, overwhelmingly complex system. Its regulations, economics and operations are dynamic. Going with the flow, trusting that it will carry you forward safely or, worse yet, believing that these changes will not affect you will soon lead to almost certain failure.

Procrastination and complacency in preparing and positioning for change is your worst enemy.
Preparing and positioning for change without expert guidance is a close second.

There are plenty of specialists who will help you with a variety of specific tasks: accountants, attorneys, billing specialists, website designers, efficiency experts, marketers, realtors, brokers and many more.

There are very few with C-Suite level experience and contacts, expertise and understanding of the PPACA, tactical research, business and strategic planning, patient expectations, process improvement, messaging, marketing and other key capabilities that equip you to make solid decisions for the present and future, and to professionally implement them.

These abilities and capabilities set us apart from other advisors. Our services are focused on results and achieving a strong return on investment. Our philosophy is ready, aim, fire – research, strategy, implementation.

Health Care Research Specialists

Often, but not always, research is a critical prerequisite to success. Actionable research requires knowing the industry and sector, where to look, what to look for and the ability to provide insightful analysis. We are strong in each area.

Health Care Strategists and Tacticians
CEOs have to be exceptional at strategy and tactics. Our team leader has decades of experience at the CEO and related C-Suite levels throughout health care, and is a nationally published thought leader on today’s issues and challenges. Moreover, appropriate introductions to our long-standing contacts and relationships at high levels throughout the industry may lead to partners or associations that can hasten the way forward.

Marketing, Public Relations and Communications
Strategic and tactical implementation without communicating using effective messaging, presentation, placement and visibility internally and externally delivers diminished results. Our thirty year history with hundreds of clients throughout a variety of industries provides not only the expertise, but breadth of experience to provide superior results.

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HCP Articles
Op-ed articles by HCP’s Senior Strategist for Health Care, James Doulgeris, are published nationally by the leading health care administration Internet portal and journal, Physician’s Practice, every Thursday. New and archived articles are available online at Accessing articles may require registration, which is free. Your information remains private and you will not be contacted.

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